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Diabetes Network and Model of Care

Diabetes Network:

Wolverhampton Diabetes Network connects people with an interest in diabetes; people with diabetes, their families and carers, healthcare professionals and people working in related fields.
The key aim of the network is to improve the health and well being of people with diabetes in Wolverhampton. It considers the local issues and develops the local diabetes strategy in response to the local needs.

The network has several subgroups carrying out work on current priorities for Wolverhampton diabetes services.  These are:

  • Data Governance

  • Care pathways

  • User and carer involvement

  • Paediatrics and young people’s services

  • Diabetes education for patients and health care professionals

  • Housebound diabetes care

Network board meetings are held twice a year giving people that are directly involved with diabetes care locally have the opportunity to come and work together.

See terms of reference for more information.

Wolverhampton Model of Care (Integrated Care Pathway)

It utilises Integrated Care Pathways to promote a clear understanding of the roles and responsibilities of Self Care, Primary Care, Specialist care.All diabetes service providers have agreed to work within a model of care in which roles and responsibilities are defined to ensure and effective and efficient service to people with diabetes

The emphasis is to deliver an increasing proportion of health care in primary care. Specialist care is delivered in partnership with primary care according to the clinical needs of the patient, and as close to the community as possible. 

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Acute Service Model of Care

Provision of acute or emergency services is configured to integrate into the overall model of care.
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