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Identification and Diabetes

No one can tell if you have diabetes just by looking at you and sometimes it may be important for other people to know if you cannot tell them yourself.

Why should I carry identification?

All people with diabetes should have some form of identification and carry with them or wear something that would alert others to the fact that they have diabetes, especially those who are receiving insulin therapy or taking tablets to control their blood glucose, blood pressure or for other medical conditions, they may have.

In an emergency this information is vital as it will affect the care and treatment required. This is in case you develop a severe hypoglycaemic attack (low blood glucose) and are unable to treat yourself, or if you were involved in an accident, or some other serious problem. In such situations, you might become unable to inform those trying to help you about your diabetes or other medical problems. It is important for the person who finds you or any first aid or medical team that treats you, to know about your diabetes and to be sure that your treatment is proper and safe.

What can I do to help myself?

Carry a card:
These are available at your diabetes centre, GP surgery and at many local pharmacies.

  • Remember to keep it in a safe but easy place to find such as in your wallet.

  • Remember to keep it updated with your details and medication.

Use an identification necklace or bracelet:
These are widely available. They need to be paid for and an annual fee may also be needed. Details of your condition are kept on a computer data base, which can be accessed in an emergency. Please remember to ensure:

  • It is one that is recognised by the medical profession

  • Check that you are comfortable wearing it at all times and that you are able to open and fasten it especially if you have poor vision or difficulty using your hands because it helps no-one if it is not worn.

  • It is waterproof.

Who supplies them?

Medic Alert
Medic Alert Foundation,
1 Bridge Wharf,
156 Caledonian Road, London, N1 9UU.
Telephone 0800 581420 - free phone.

Medi-Tag Dept
37 Northampton Street,
Birmingham, B18 6DU
Telephone 0121 2001616