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Structured Patient Education

1.  Wolverhampton Diabetes Patient Learning Journey
This level-1 diabetes education is available for all newly diagnosed diabetics in Wolverhampton. It is a local enhanced service and education is provided by individual practices. Uptake and completion of diabetes education is monitored. For more information click on the link below.
Wolverhampton Diabetes Patient Learning Journey

2. X-PERT Diabetes Education Programme
As part of the Tackle Diabetes project, Wolves Community Trust is delivering the X-PERT Diabetes Education programme.

The X-PERT programme is a 6 week structured programme for people with type 2 diabetes, based on the principles of patient empowerment, patient centered and discovery learning.

The content covers a wide range of topics relating to the management of diabetes as well as allowing participants the opportunity to discuss and address issues relating to their diabetes care.


3. Type-1 Diabetes Education Programme

Structured education for Type-1 diabetics provided at the diabetes centre. It is 5 half day education program aimed at adults with type 1 diabetes who are not achieving target blood glucose levels using a multiple daily injection regimen.

Inclusion criteria – Participants must be aged 18 or above and should be willing to work in a group and accept the principles and methods employed throughout the course.

For more details of the course, click here.

4. Insulin Titration- Group Education
Insulin titration group sessions are available at the diabetes centre to support intensification of insulin therapy. It is intended for insulin treated people with diabetes on twice daily insulin regime

The aim of the three hours group education programme is to:

  • Provide patients with essential diabetes information in plain language to help build self-management knowledge and skills

  • Enable patients to self-titrate their insulin dose confidently and appropriately.

For more details of the course, click here.