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Pregnancy and Diabetes

Pregnancy is an important and defining phase in a woman’s life. It is important to plan pregnancy if women have a history of diabetes in order to maximise the chances of a good outcome. There is a huge amount of evidence that good glycaemic control is important leading up to conception and throughout pregnancy.

The cornerstone of excellent care during pregnancy complicated by diabetes is the maintenance of tight blood glucose control whilst looking after the wellbeing of the mother and minimising complications to mother and baby.

Patient with pre-existing diabetes mellitus identified in community or at any clinic inNew Cross Hospital should be referred to the next joint diabetes antenatal clinic. Women who develop diabetes during pregnancy (Gestational Diabetes) are also seen in this service. It is important to note that Gestational Diabetes is a distinct entity and that women can develop both Type 1 and Type 2 Diabetes during pregnancy.

Pre-conception Care

Gestational Diabetes

Diabetes in Pregnancy-Full Guidelines

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Joint Diabetes Antenatal Clinic

This is based in the Maternity Services department at Location-Zone D-number D1 within New Cross Hospital, RWT. Clinics run on a Friday from 9 AM to 1 PM.

Staffing for the Antenatal Diabetes Services:

The antenatal clinic is run jointly by dedicated teams from Obstetrics and Diabetes.

Obstetric Team
Mr.David Churchill-Lead Clinician, Consultant Obstetrician

Maggie Dawidziak- Diabetes Care Mid-wife

Nursing Auxiliaries
Mary Lester, Sandra Jobson, Doreen Potts

Diabetes Team
Dr Ananth Viswanath –Consultant Diabetologist
Dr Rajeev Raghavan – Consultant Diabetologist

Diabetes Specialist Nursing Team
Liz Wilson, Bhupinder Pawar, Sonya Smith, Rebecca Tilsley

Jennie Brown, Sue Jones

Useful contact numbers

Diabetes Care Midwife - 01902 695146
Antenatal Clinic - 01902 695145
Diabetes Specialist Nurses - 01902 695310

Additional Information

Patient Information leaflets for Diabetes and Pregnancy
PDF on diabetes and pregnancy
DUK website

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