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Specialist Clinics

Insulin pump:
We have an active pump programme with around 125 patients on insulin pump. Insulin pump therapy is offered to those who fulfil the NICE criteria and local assessment. Funding agreement is in place with local CCG’s.
CGMS is available and used as per agreed criteria. 

Transitional and adolescent clinic:
There is an established transition service with joint clinics supported by adult and paediatric specialist teams.

Joint diabetes antenatal clinic:
There is a joint consultant led diabetes/obstetric service for pregnant women with diabetes, which includes pre-conception, antenatal and post-natal care. 

Joint Renal clinic:
Dedicated clinics to cater to patients on renal replacement therapy are established. This includes bedside reviews of heamodyalysis patients in the renal unit and joint clinics with Nephrologists for peritoneal dialysis patients.

High-risk foot service:
The center has an active high-risk foot service with the lowest amputation rates nationally. We have joint clinics with the vascular and orthopaedic teams.

There is a weekly high risk foot clinic jointly with the specialist diabetes podiatrist.