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Screening & Diabetes Information System

Diabetes Eye Screening
We administer and govern the district wide diabetes eye-screening programme. The clinical lead reports to the programme board. Facilities to undertake digital eye screening is available in the diabetes centre.

Diabetes Foot Health
We have developed an electronic foot-screening tool for primary care team that ensures capture of risk status in the diabetes register and facilitates appropriate foot care for the relevant risk with paperless referrals to foot protection and specialist MDT foot teams.
There is a secure data driven governance process for foot service including mandatory RCA for all amputations. The district foot lead chairs and facilitates foot governance and reports to the Diabetes Network.

Diabetes Information system (Diabeta-3)
We have an integrated diabetes clinical information system (Diabeta-3). It administers the Diabetes Retinopathy Screening programme and the diabetes foot care pathway. The database is up-to-date with regular electronic upload of demographic data from GP database. Data quality is maintained by cross checks with national DBS spine and structured data validation process. It is linked to the hospital PAS system and helps to identify an individual with diabetes when they are admitted to hospital.