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Prioritisation of Referrals

Prioritisation of referrals

Type of Referral


Requiring referral to Emergency services

(Accident & Emergency / Medical Assessment unit)

  • Suspected Diabetes Ketoacidosis/Non-ketosis Hyperosmolar state

  • Severe hypoglycaemia (unconscious)

  • Sudden loss of vision (Eye casualty)

  • Critical limb ischemia

Same Day Referrals

  • Newly diagnosed Type 1 Diabetes/suspected Type-1 diabetes

  • Patients with infected foot/ulceration or suspected Charcot Foot.

  • Women with pre-existing diabetes (type-1 or 2) who become pregnant

  • Newly diagnosed Gestational Diabetes


Urgent referrals

  • Recurrent/Severe hypoglycaemia

  • Symptomatic hyperglycaemia

  • Significant ‘at risk’ feet

  • Significant decline in renal functions/ worsening proteinuria

  • Pre-surgical optimisation of glycaemic control

Routine referrals

  • Poor glycaemic control despite intensive management

  • Consideration for intensive insulin/pump therapy

  • Obesity management

  • Optimisation of cardiovascular risk factors (BP, Lipids)

  • Type-1 structured education programme

  • Painful peripheral neuropathy not responding to standard treatment

  • Patients with CKD stage 3b & 4 for optimisation of metabolic parameters

  • Self management/insulin adjustment training and support

  • Women with diabetes contemplating pregnancy

Same day Referrals:
Diabetes specialist team at New Cross Hospital: can be contacted Monday to Friday directly on 01902 695310 (9:00 to 5:00 PM) or through the WUCTAS (9:00 to 7:00 PM)
(Out of Hours diabetes advice: contact on-call medical team at New Cross Hospital via switchboard)

Urgent / routine referrals:
via Choose & book or direct referral to the diabetes centre

Useful Contact numbers:

Diabetes administration team: 
01902 307999; Ext: 5315; Fax: 01902 695325

Diabetes Reception & appointments:
01902 695310; Fax: 01902 695628