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In-patient Diabetes / Outreach services

The diabetes in-patient/outreach team is a multidisciplinary team comprising of nurses, consultants and specialist registrars. The consultant led service is proactive, risk-driven and IT based. The team received the Royal award in 2007 for innovative service development.

Strategy for identifying Patient

Diabetes risk flag
The list of diabetics in hospital and their location is available on the Clinical Web portal system. This is facilitated by linking the central diabetes register to the hospital patient administration (PAS) system. The ‘diabetes risk’ flag on PAS helps to identify people with diabetes during their hospital stay.

COBAS system
All blood glucose monitoring undertaken in hospital is captured centrally by COBAS and available for review by location. It facilitates targeted review based on set glucose thresholds (hyper or hypoglycaemia)
The data can is available for remote monitoring after regime change.

Pro-active Ward Triage
All admissions to high-risk areas during weekdays: AMAU (acute medical admission unit), Vascular, Renal, Cardiac and Stroke wards are actively triaged.
This enables identification of patients with diabeteswho need review and advice; transfer to the diabetes ward; facilitated discharged; or advice onglycaemia related issues.

This programme has been rolled out to all the wards as initiative for improving glucose control for patients during admission to hospital.
It enables the provision of education and training for hospital staffs, the toolkits also includes mandatory training, trust induction, staff specific training and up-to-date diabetes resources on the intranet.

Insulin safety
We promote safe use of insulin in the organisation and have implemented initiatives such as re-designed insulin prescription charts and insulin passports.The service participates in national diabetes audit and undertakes regular inpatient audits and patient feedback.