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Specialist Services

We offer a full range of specialist services for patients with diabetes provided by a team of Consultants, specialist nurses, podiatrists, retinal screeners and dieticians.

Specialist clinics are based in the purpose built diabetes centre at New Cross Hospital. Other service such as joint-antenatal clinic is located in the maternity block and haemodialysis clinic at the renal unit.

Specialist Clinics

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Referral to Specialist Services

The Wolverhampton Diabetes service aims to establish a clear understanding of when patients remain the responsibility of Primary care team and when they should be referred to Specialist Services. Every effort will be made to ensure patients continue to receive care in a primary care setting.

Specialist Care Services will work to the agreed care pathways with primary care and community team to ensure that an individual with diabetes receives appropriate care in the appropriate setting. Where criteria for special care are no longer met or when a management plan can be implemented in primary care, continuing management should be in primary care setting.

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