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Administration Team

Team Secretaries:
Sarah Brettle / Cathy Mincher  01902 695371
Team Senior Secretary to Dr H. Buch, Dr C. Hariman and Dr Singh

Lisa Harrison
Team Senior Secretary to Dr V.N. Cherukuri and Dr J. Young  01902 695313

Sandra Squire
Team Senior Secretary to Dr K. Jadoon and Dr A. Viswanath  01902 695315

Julie Whitehouse
Team Senior Secretary to Dr R. Raghavan and Dr P. Joseph  01902 695314

Reception Team:
Karen Adey
Sylvia Till
Winsome Bonnie
Louise Hayward
Margaret Woodcock
01902 695310

Retinal Screening Administration:
Clair Price
Debra Forrester
01902 695311

Diabetes Nurse Administration:
Carmel Cooper
01902 695312